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Allentown Farigrounds Farmers Market

Allentown Farigrounds Farmers Market
1825 West Chew Street


It may sound hokey, but we really do have a mission! The fact is, we care deeply about the health and welfare of our community. Without quality food, there can be no life, no health, and no happiness. Food is not just important – it’s essential. Our mission is to bring wholesome, fresh foods from the farm to your family dinner table. If you introduce yourself to your favorite merchants, they will remember your name. Each week you will not only be presented with fresh foods, but also caring smiles and a feeling of community.

We also believe that all great teaching begins in the home. If we teach our children to eat properly, we build a foundation for a healthy, strong, happy life. 

Season: Year Round

Market Hours: 

Thursdays, 9AM - 8PM
Fridays, 8AM - 8PM
Saturdays, 8AM - 6PM

Location: 1825 West Chew Street, Allentown, PA

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