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Anchorage Market and Festival

Anchorage Market and Festival
88th Avenue

Mission Statement:

Anchorage Market and Festival strives to provide the Anchorage community and its visitors with a summer weekly attraction featuring a large variety of Alaskan arts and crafts, food and imports at reasonable prices; enhance the quality of life of Anchorage residents, visitors and vendors; and enhance the reputation of Anchorage by creating an atmosphere of a carnival or fair, designed for the enjoyment of adults and children of all ages ("the Intended Atmosphere and Use"); to provide Vendors with a low cost, premier location which affords them an opportunity to showcase and display their products to a broad base of consumers and potential consumers, both local and long distance; and, to make productive use on weekends of Anchorage's downtown parking facilities.

This mission statement (The "Anchorage Market and Festival Mission") and the Intended Atmosphere and Use are the primary purposes of Anchorage Market & Festival. In the interest of the Market and its participants, any other purpose, advantage, or benefit is secondary and is subordinate to the primary purposes.

Season: Summer

Market Hours:

May 7 - September 11, 2021
Fridays and Saturdays, 10AM - 6PM
Sundays, 10AM - 5PM

Location: Dimond Center Mall at 88th Avenue

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