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Arkansas Local Food Network Online Farmers Market

Arkansas Local Food Network Online Farmers Market
509 Scott Street

About Us:

Our mission is to foster the local food economy and sustainable development by connecting Arkansas Farmers and Artisans with our membership. Our core values reflect that mission:

 - We believe that small, diverse, family-owned farms contribute to a society's overall health.

 - We believe that Little Rock citizens should have access to local, responsibly-produced foods and artisanal products.

 - We believe that it is important that farmers reestablish relationships with their customers and help them reconnect with their food supply.

 - We believe that a community that respects its food sources is a community that is more connected to and caring for its environment.

 - We believe that local, environmentally-friendly food systems help provide economic and environmental stability by keeping local dollars in the local economy and decreasing dependence on and consumption of non-renewable resources.

 - We believe that agricultural practices should work with nature, not against it. Farming practices should rebuild topsoil and preserve fresh water.

 - We believe in the humane treatment of livestock. Livestock should have access to fresh air, sunlight, and grass, with adequate space to move and interact with members of the herd/flock.

 - We believe that farming practices should be transparent. Customers should know how the food they consume was produced.

 - We believe that farmers should be able to earn a "living" wage and that local, responsibly produced food should be reasonably priced.

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