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Bridgeport Farmers Market

Bridgeport Farmers Market
Marketplace Avenue


The mission of the Bridgeport Farmers Market is to create and sustain a community of local vendors & supportive customers in order to cultivate the local economy and provide fresh, healthy food to the people of North Central West Virginia. We believe that farmers markets provide a positive environment for conscientious consumers to make a direct connection to their food sources. In addition to a diverse group of local farmers it is the further mission of the Bridgeport Farmers Market to bring together a talented group of West Virginia artisans, musicians, authors, and chefs.

West Virginia currently ranks #14 in the U.S. for its support of local food producers. The rich culinary traditions of this state paired with a blossoming network of small farms combine to create many forward thinking ventures and positive opportunities in our local communities. 

Season: Summer

Market Hours:

May 15 - Mid-October, 2022
Sundays, 10 am - 1 pm

Location: Marketplace Avenue 

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