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Fort Bragg Farmers Market

Fort Bragg Farmers Market
400 Block of North Franklin between Pine & Laurel

About Us:

The Fort Bragg Farmer's Market is located in Downtown Fort Bragg, on the 400 block of Franklin Street between Laurel & Pine in front of City Hall. Our market features all of the seasonal fruits, berries, vegetables, melons, greens and squash you have come to expect. We also offer organic and free range beef and pork, free range eggs, and wild-caught local fish and seafood. You will find artisan goat cheese, cheesecake, freshly baked breads, pies and goodies. There are organic nuts, fresh-cut flowers, and ornamental plants and nursery starts.

If that weren't enough, look for hot food, live music with a seating area, knife sharpening and master garden booths. Meet your friends and neighbors at the Fort Bragg Farmer's Market every Wednesday. We are there with our goods rain or shine. And please remember, no smoking or pets at the market, based on Health Department regulations and in consideration of all.

Season: Year Round

Market Hours:

Wednesdays, 2PM - 5PM

Location: 400 Block of North Franklin between Pine & Laurel

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