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Granby Farmers' Market

Granby Farmers' Market
242 Salmon Brook Street

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The YMCA strives to help build healthy families as well as communities, a mission that its employees continually look for new and creative ways to help achieve. At a brainstorming session in 2010, it was expressed by the nutritionist that we are giving members the information, but not helping to implement healthier eating. It is similar to getting an instructional manual but not having the tools needed to complete the job. It was then that the idea was born to create a Farmers Market on the property. Not only would this fill a need for healthier individuals, but at the same time it would help our numerous local farmers prosper.

From this early brainstorming idea, the vision of a community Farmers Market has grown into something very exciting. Not only will we offer healthy, locally grown food, but also cooking demonstrations with recipes based on what the farmers bring to market each week. Campers will be able to purchase their snack from the market. Exercise classes and demonstrations can be held outside so even nonmembers can join in and have some fun while getting exercise.

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