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Greensboro Farmers Market

Greensboro Farmers Market
Intersection of Highway 61 and 14

The Greensboro Farmers Market strives to provide the community with fresh, locally grown farm products while providing area growers with a venue for their crops and products. In addition we seek to educate the public about the importance of local agriculture, sustainable business and the impact we have on the environment. Bringing people together at the Farmers Market helps promote a greater sense of community, serves as an educational forum, and helps encourage local business development.

Whilte it is not always possible to determine when local fruit and vegatable produce will be avaliable for market, we anticipate the market beginning in Early Jun and ending in early September. These dates may vary by a weeks or two depending on the how mother nature has determined the growing season. So, while we have posted the dates of the market June thru September, please keep in mind that the actual opening and closing dates of the market may vary. We will keep you posted here on the website and through our local news paper or the exact opening and closing dates.

It is also our desire to educate local farmers with the knowledge and examples of how to grow and market their produce as a source of income. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System is always an avaliable resource and we encourage your utilization of their services.

Please join us on Thursdays afternoons for some fun and the opportunity to purchase some frest local produce grow by our local farmers.

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