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Idalia Road Marketplace

Idalia Road Marketplace
1320 Idalia Road North East


We believe that local outdoor markets integrate into communities and become a part of the life and life-blood of small business activity. Idalia Road Marketplace is an outdoor market dedicated to promoting local small business and community.

Small business includes artists, crafters, and individuals searching for a cost effective, well-managed location to sell and promote their goods, services and ideas.

Communities of all sizes, shapes and make-ups are enhanced when outdoor markets open and become available for the local merchant, farmer, artist, crafter or just someone who wants to repurpose house-hold items that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Our mission at Idalia Road Marketplace is to serve the Rio Rancho and West Mesa community and even the larger Albuquerque Metro with a clean, upscale market where one can attend as a Vendor or a Patron and have a friendly, fun, quality experience.

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