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The Farmers Market at Libby

The Farmers Market at Libby
905 West 9th Street

Our Mission

The Farmers Market at Libby provides a place for local farmers, artists, and craftspeople to connect directly with consumers; AND enhances the quality of life in the Libby area by providing a community activity which fosters social gathering and positive interaction.

Our Goals 

Expand the availability of foods that are fresh, flavorful, unique, nutritious and affordable to the Libby community.

Encourage the sale of locally-grown, -crafted, or -made products, and provide a venue where the community and visitors can come together to support local producers.

Support local growers and producers by providing alternative marketing and sales opportunities, and creating a space for interaction between the producer and consumer.

Promote social growth through educational programs related to food, nutrition, agriculture, the environment, arts and charitable activities

Season: Summer

Market Hours:

May 4 - September 28, 2023
Thursdays, 3PM - 7PM

Location: Chamber of Commerce Parking Lot, 905 West 9th Street

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