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Vermont Farmers Food Center

The Vermont Farmers Food Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. VFFC is dedicated to furthering public understanding that regional food self reliance, closely linking farmers with their consumers, will require the restructuring of food economy.  Rutland County in Vermont is capable of producing much more of its own food. Given the escalating transportation costs, sustaining local agriculture and ensuring food self sufficiency is a high regional priority.  

Collaborating with the Vermont Farmers Market and Vermont Food Bank, the Vermont Farmers Food Center will serve as an economic incubator in the development and promotion of local food marketing systems.  This will encourage the consumption of fresh locally grown food as one way to improve the health and well being of our residents in the greater Rutland community at large. 


To increase access and availability of locally produced food through the development of the infrastructure, educational programs and markets necessary for the growth of a vibrant and sustainable regional agricultural system that has the capacity to feed its citizens regardless of economic status, increase the personal health of the population, and add to the economic wellbeing of the community. 

Business Objectives

  • Insuring access to fresh healthy local food
  • Developing new jobs in the Food and Farm Economy
  • Supporting new and agricultural businesses
  • Teaching consumers about food - how to grow it, how to cook it - how to love it

Purpose of the VFFC

Establish a visible dynamic food related agricultural center that will house the winter's farmer's market and other food industry providers and will serve as an agricultural event center educating the public and promoting the many forms of Vermont agriculture.

Form partnerships with food related organizations to network with and reach a more diverse demographic, in order to create greater access to fresh local food for all.

Present nutritional workshops on the relationships between food choices and personal health. Teach consumers how to prepare fresh whole foods as well as freeze and process them through classes.

Create a food aggregation and storage facility for local farmers, as well as an expanded fresh food donation site.  Increase the availability of year round produce at local markets by teaching freezing techniques to area farmers.

Build a job training center for the food industry with a commercial kitchen and processing facility to grow local value added businesses, and link them with local agricultural producers to incorporate more local products. 

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