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Yucaipa Certified Farmers Market

Yucaipa Certified Farmers Market
Yucaipa Boulevard

Purpose and Goals:

Farmers Market is operated by the Yucaipa Valley Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of Farmers Market is to promote business in the revitalized Uptown Historic Yucaipa district. It is an event that is organized and administered by the Chamber of Commerce. This event is designed to:

 - Create a positive image for Uptown Yucaipa;

 - Expose community members and visitors to the merchandise and services offered uptown;

 - Promote the uptown as the center of retail, social, and civic activity;

 - Provide local growers with an opportunity to sell their produce;

 - Enhance the community as a whole.

It is the goal of Yucaipa Valley Chamber of Commerce to schedule activities for Farmers Market that provide a wholesome, family atmosphere. The activities should appeal to all ages, and provide a product/service mix that reaches all aspects of the marketplace.

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